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Grand Brew Fest Homebrew Competition

2016 Results

Thank you to all that entered our inaugural year of the Grand Brew Fest Homebrew Competition hosted by the Blue Ox Brewers Society and Jack Pine Brewery.  This year boasted 44 entries spanning a wide array of categories.  A major snowstorm delayed the judging, but over the course of a few weeks, all six categories were sampled and awarded medals.  The top from each category went head-to-head in a Best of Show style panel with one beer coming out on top, to be brewed at Jack Pine Brewery.

Thanks again to all that entered and those that helped judge and steward.  It wouldn't have been possible without you.

Best of Show

Treble Hook Belgian Tripel – Dave Matson, Champlin, MN – Minnesota Homebrewers Association


Honorable Mention

NE Session IPA Specialty IPA – Danny Anderson, Baxter, MN – Blue Ox Brewers Society



Pale Ales & IPAs

1st    21 A     Dave Matson         Champlin              Minnesota Home Brewers Association

2nd   21 A     Cody Usher           Sartell  

3rd   18 B      Bob Nelson           Crosslake             3M Homebrew Club

Specialty IPAs & Double IPAs

1st     21 B    Daniel Anderson    Baxter                  Blue Ox Brewers Society

2nd   21  B   Bob Nelson            Crosslake             3M Homebrew Club

3rd    34  C   Lonnie Smith          Brainerd               Blue Ox Brewers Society

Light Ales & Lagers

1st     1 C      Ben Schrader        Baxter                  Blue Ox Brewers Society

2nd    4 B      Dave Matson         Champlin             Minnesota Home Brewers Association

3rd    34 A     Matt Kottke            Owatonna          

Porters, Stouts & Browns

1st      16 B    Shane Brown         Plymouth           

2nd    16 B     Steve Bontjes       Baxter                  Blue Ox Brewers Society

3rd     16 B    Daniel Anderson   Baxter                  Blue Ox Brewers Society

Specialty & Strong Ales

1st     33 B     Nathan Batdorf     Sauk Rapids        The Cloudy Town Brewers

2nd    33 B     Dave Matson       Champlin              Minnesota Home Brewers Association

3rd     22 B    John Cory             Crosslake             Blue Ox Brewers Society

Belgian & French

1st     26 C     Dave Matson      Champlin              Minnesota Home Brewers Association

2nd    24 B     Matt Kottke         Owatonna          

3rd    23 F      Ryan Goble         Brainerd               Blue Ox Brewers Society

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