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Core Brands

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Fenceline is a hopped-up American Pale Ale. By pushing nearly all the hop additions to the end of the boil and dosing the beer with even more hops in the fermenter (a technique called “dry hopping”), this mild-mannered pale ale is bursting with hop character. A blend of Chinook and Columbus hops meld well to provide bright hoppy notes with an interesting array of citrus in both the flavor and aroma.

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Duck Pond is a subtly complex Nut Brown Ale. Various roasted barley malts lend a wide spectrum to this beer ranging from lighter notes of bready, toasty, and nutty to deeper characters such as prune, raisin, chocolate, and coffee. All of these flavors and aromas are wrapped up in a moderate gravity brown ale with a clean finish that leaves you searching for another pint.

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Dead Branch Cream Ale has a mild grainy flavor with hints of sweet corn: flavors commonly found in today’s mass-market yellow beers. Dead Branch is approachable to all yet has a depth of character that will keep the discerning palette interested.


A light grain bill of pilsner and pale ale malt provide a neutral canvas on which we paint a myriad of hop characteristics. Bold ripe peach is front and center with a soft, lingering bitterness reminiscent of red grapefruit. Hints of citrus and tropical fill in the gaps to provide a depth of flavor certain to make this beer your next favorite IPA.


Dead Branch Cream Ale infused with fresh-cut jalapenos. Bright pepper flavor and aroma with just enough lingering heat to make you want more. GABF Bronze Medal Winner - 2016

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Our ever-popular Dead Branch Cream Ale gets a slice of sunshine in this summer seasonal.  Bright lemon greets the nose and a blend of bitter and sweet meld together on the tongue in this deliciously drinkable brew.  Summer is short in MN.  Extend the season with our version of sunshine in a glass! Contains: Lactose

(Summer Seasonal April-August)

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Our ever-popular Dead Branch Cream Ale gets a citrus infusion in this winter seasonal. Vibrant blood orange greets the nose with hints of citrus and raspberry. A rich blend of bitter and sweet meld together on the tongue in this deliciously drinkable brew. Reach for a Blood Orange Dead Branch when you need a reminder of summer in the depths of winter.

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Jack Pine's twist on an Oktoberfest style beer. A medium bodied beer with a chewy malt mouthfeel.  All the bready, toasty, malt smoothness of your favorite fest beer with the soft, well-rounded, character that can only be achieved by the warmer fermentation of an ale yeast.  

(Fall Seasonal August-October)

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