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Just as the scraggly jack pine tree is a pioneer in an area ravaged by a forest fire, the individuals that helped bring Jack Pine Brewery to fruition are pioneers in a craft beer wasteland. To this, we give a nod of respect and raise a pint to those worthy of thanks.

Many helped in other ways, but most contributed to our Kickstarter campaign. Check out our Kickstarter Page to see the story when the brewery was just a dream in a garage.


Our sincerest thanks to those that believed in the brewery before it came to be.


Dale and Sherrie Christensen

Doug and Gail Sundberg

Ron Soukup

Frank E. Soukup, Jr.

Jesse Hopkins, AIA

Ron Hensel

Chad & Tessa Haugen, Haugen Services LLC

The Farm on St. Mathias


Steve and Laurie Daiken

Erica Tangen

Kurt & Patti Drewelow

Eric Fornshell

Erik Sjoberg

Brett Doebbeling

Zach Barker    

Nate Phillipps & Sarah Cooper

Cassie and Tim Spitzley

Corey & Shana Krantz


Brandon and Shelby Bollig

Justin & Candace Francis

Chad White & Darcie DeFoe

Kevin Anderson

Sue Anderson

Terry Sarne

Nate Schrank

John Zender

Wayne Kohnen

Bryce Johnson

Tyler Spaulding

Nathan and Deb Saetveit

Arlo and Virgie Zepper

Randy and Katie Lee


Darrel Herbst

Lindsay Matts

Nathaniel Chapman

Mike C. Paulus

Al Boyce

Tim Fuerstenberg

Jeremy Poissant

Eric Wentling

Grant Swenson

Amber & Larissa Zepper

Tim Zepper

Susan Truitt

Bruce LeBlanc

Nathan Vanderby

Dan and Jodi Slick

Matt Freund

Kieran C. Moore

Terry Zwart

Steve Klicker

Tom Roan and

Nancy Bowser

Jane Winter

Jon Loss

Mike Spencer

Bob and Susan Ruud

Andrew Happel

Michael Isley

Andy Schmidt

Jen Schultz

Steven Mathistad

Jim Imbertson


Kay Skiba

Brad and Mary Schmidt

Scott French

Ryan D Goble

Erik & Melissa Saice

Rob Larson

Mike Richards

Scott Wermter

Lonnie “Captain” Smith

John Bullock

J.P. Eidel

Eric & Stacy LeDoux

Dylan Erickson

Dale Espeland

Melinda Otto Neville

Spencor Loehrer

Joel Rakoski

Jon “JD” Hovland

Chris & Cindy Magnussen

Gary Johnson

Jade Nielsen

Grant R. Bingham III

Mark Bjornstad

Darin Montplaisir

Bryan Rabe

Jesse Feigum

Brett Glenna

Tyler & Megan Cooper

Mason Montplaisir

Heather Waye

Peter Dolan

Matthew and Shawna Gasparini

Karen and Micah Mohler

Christopher Fink

Kevin Pelto

Kayla Ziemke

Josh Reed

Craig & Kari Reiman

Terry Ditty

Matt Goshey

Abe McEathron

Bryce A.D. Ehrman

Doug Yoder

Dick Carlson

Jarrett Swanson

Stephanie Swanson

Joe Leuthner

Gabe Doring

Andrew Bettino

Larry Halbach

Danielle Shaw

James and Jean Michael


Watch City Brewing Co. Waltham Ma

Ross Otto – Northern Lights Wine Club

Knight & Gunner Brewing Company

Bemidji Brewing Company

Jill @ Liv’nGood Jewelry

In memory of Ceej T

Carole & Denny Bollig

Christopher DiMuro

Geoff Gorvin

Stefan Vilpula

Gerald Weigel

Chuck Perkins

Gary Shuler

Dave Batcheller

Craig Brown

Charlie Rohwer

Jason Jerabek

Dean Rossow

Emily Charpentier

Elissa Hansen

Marlon Rodriguez

Boomer Moritko

Bob Mergaert

Eric Schuld

Dave Truett

Jake Krohn

Danny Anderson

Christine Schwarz

Andrew Schwarz

Leigh Erin Ward

Ken Gabel

Tim Wesemann

David Duffey

Dave Trautmann

Robert Ochsner

Joe C Hensel

Nick Stromme

Geoff Schaffer

Walt Pittack

Russell Cattelan

Joel Ebbers

Christine Desmond

Ben Brausen

Tony Nelson

Dave @

Dave Bowers, Old Bunny Brewing

Chester River Brewing Company

Luke and Amanda Davis

Joe & Stephanie Moody

Courtney Covey Lewis

Charles Miller, CTB

Gera Exire LaTour

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