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Pints for a Purpose

Welcome to the Pints for a Purpose Resource Page!
We host a P4P twice a month, generally on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month (some holidays move this around).  Internally and through our own social media, we try to focus on one event at a time, providing about 2 weeks of promotion for an event.
We do recognize that charities often want to promote the event earlier and more frequently, so we've put together this resource page for various artwork and flyers we have used in the past.  We hope this helps provide some consistency and makes it a bit easier to promote the event.  If you think anything could be added to this resource page, please let us know!
Thank you for all you do within our community.  We look forward to hosting you at your upcoming Pints for a Purpose at Jack Pine Brewery.

Jack Pine Branding

Jack Pine logos in various formats can be found on our BRANDING PAGE.

We are as particular about the use of our logos as we are about the beer we brew, so please review our branding guidelines on that page before using any of those files.

P4P Facebook Event Cover Image

If you create an event, Please tag Jack Pine as a co-host so it shows to our audience as well.  We may leave the event unaccepted until the prior P4P concludes, but we WILL accept the co-host request.


Click HERE to download.

Blank Flyer

Add your logo, info about music, food, etc.  Click on the download link below or grab a pdf version HERE.


Click HERE to download.

Social Media Post (square)

Use as-is, or add your organizations logo.


Click HERE to download.

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